6/27/2020 Saturday - CrossFit Soda City, Columbia, SC

January 20, 2021
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A reminder that CrossFit Soda City will will be participating in a virtual 5K today to raise money for a few charitable organizations.

CrossFit Soda City Virtual 5k

We have chosen 3 charities that we feel reflect our community and our values.

Whether you can run with us in person on June 27th at CrossFit Soda City or you’re tackling the 5K on a treadmill or your own sidewalk, we ask that you consider making a financial contribution. Not only will 100% of your contribution go to these charities, but they will be MATCHED dollar for dollar.

Let’s put our effort where our hearts are, and get to work.

The three Charities CrossFit Soda City has chosen for this event are the Grassroots Law Project, Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, and The Trevor Project.

You can donate through venmo/paypal, in person, or mail in. You can also choose how much of your donation goes to each charity.


– For any donation, put in comment (Venmo), email (account), Memo Line (check), or in person (cash) for how much of your donation you would like to go where. Otherwise, all donations will be split equally between the 3.

• Venmo: @ jeturnerx

• Check: Made out to “CrossFit Soda City”, can be mailed in

• Account: Email Coach Josh with amount

• Cash: Give to Coach Josh

The three Charities we will be benefiting:

Grassroots Law Project


Grassroots Law Project bridges the gap between grassroots organizing and legal expertise in criminal justice reform by bringing millions of us together to address the most pressing and egregious failures of the system, hold powerful actors accountable, and advocate for deep structural change. Using grassroots organizing and legal expertise, The Grassroots Law Project will radically reform the American legal system to end abuses of authority used to unjustly injure, arrest, convict, and sentence.

Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund


The personal and professional consequences of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace have often made it difficult for women to speak out. Fearing they’ll be ostracized, they remain quiet. On top of that, legal action can be costly. Backed by the National Women’s Law Center, the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund seeks to provide legal assistance for women looking to battle harassment in court. Just two months into their existence, organizers have fielded 1700 requests from all across the world, including the U.S., Kenya, and Kuwait.

The Trevor Project


The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. For many, this year’s Pride looks very different. On June 1, a day that ordinarily heralds the advent of a joyful month for the LGBTQ community, we found ourselves at the confluence of multiple mounting tragedies. The Trevor Project supported thousands of LGBTQ young people through it all. From feelings of grief, anxiety, and fear, to stress related to isolation and physical distancing, our crisis counselors were there for LGBTQ youth, regardless of what was happening in the world.


5k Run

Find CFSC "At Home" for Saturday, June 27th HERE

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