5/6/2020 Wednesday - CrossFit Soda City, Columbia, SC

January 20, 2021
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CrossFit Soda City is ready to see your faces again!

Reminder that we will be sending out an email to all of you later this evening that will include details on equipment returns (or staying leased out), schedules, how to register for Sessions, and more.

So ready to see all of your faces again!


CFSC At Home

Every :90

15 Plate "Speed" Squats



10 Rounds

25 DU

50m Plate Carry


:30 Plate G2OH

:30 Bent Over Plate Rows

:30 Hollow Rocks

:30 Arch Rocks

:30 Rest


Find full info HERE

Got a home gym? Or still have access on base? Check out our regular strength programming for Wednesday, May 6th here:



10 "Speed" Back Squats



- "Speed" squats: You are still staying under control through the entire lift, but your last rep should be just as fast as your first rep. There should be no resetting at the top. Just as if you were cycling "air squats" in a WOD, that tempo but full ROM and control. This will greatly bring your weights down.

- Good warm-up and get "primed" to squat at this tempo

- Find a good starting weight by hitting a set of 10 with no weight, and maybe another set of 6-8 with LIGHT weight and see how that feels.

- Build as able

- NO belting for the day


CFSC “At Home” WOD

**Metcon only - not the Plate Squats**

(details at link above!)

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