4/8/2020 Wednesday - CrossFit Soda City, Columbia, SC

January 20, 2021
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CrossFit Soda City Member Laura M. at the 2018 Crawfish Challenge

A fun day of programming including a DB version of #20point1 and some great core and shoulder stability work for Extra Credit.


"CFSC At Home" WOD

10 RFT

12 Alt DB Snatches

10 DB Facing Burpees

*15 min cap*


20 Shoulder Taps

10 Plank Rolls

5 Inch Worms (in place)

Rest 1 min


Find full info HERE

Got a home gym? Or still have access on base? Check out our regular strength programming for Wednesday, April 8th here:





- First set around 70% of your current max

- All singles, not TnG

- Each set's 3 reps should be completed in :90 or less

- Rest as needed between sets

- Build provided tech stays solid, ideally you're finishing at or maybe a little over 90% but still staying within that :90 or less time frame.

- NO FAILS. If you fail, stay at that weight for the next set of 3 as well


CFSC “At Home” WOD

(details at link above!)

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