3/17/2020 Tuesday - CrossFit Soda City, Columbia, SC

January 20, 2021
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📣CrossFit Soda City ANNOUNCEMENT📣

CrossFit Soda City Member Meredith S.

At this time, we plan to remain “business as usual”. We are aware that some harder hit states have enacted a “2 week” ban on restaurants, bars, gyms, places of gathering, etc, and if so, CFSC is prepared to offer an “Online” daily WOD that can be done from home with little to no equipment. This will include a daily video tutorial with warm-up, modifications, and cool down.

This outbreak doesn’t mean you should stop coming to the gym, but it means you’ve got to be super careful. Over the next several weeks and months we want to see you here in class, but we do want to take some extra precautions to keep everyone safe.

Staying healthy and remaining physically active is great way to keep your immune system primed to ward off viruses and other illnesses during this particular outbreak of COVID-19 as well the end of flu season and beginning of allergy season.

Please review all items below:

▪️This can't be stressed enough - if you're feeling sick, or have been exposed to those that are sick, please stay home. We will gladly send you at-home WODs vs. having you come in.

▪️Wash your hands before and after each workout.

▪️Wipe down any equipment you use. We have disinfectant sprays and wipes throughout the gym to use regularly.

▪️We know many of you have kids out of school, and potentially friends and family in town as well. At this time, only Members are allowed in the gym to limit the number of people.

▪️No drop-ins

▪️CrossFit is about community and we certainly pride ourselves on the encouragement we give each other, but let’s do that verbally instead of high-fiving for the time being.

▪️The CrossFit Soda City coaching staff, we have greatly increased the volume of our cleaning procedures to protect our members. We will be cleaning and disinfecting after every class, on top of extended daily "deep cleans" within the gym.

We will continue to watch the situation closely take direction from public health officials and take whatever actions are required in order to protect our CrossFit Soda City members and staff should things worsen.


Every :30:

0 - 1 Snatch @ 70-75%

:30 - 1 Hang Snatch @ 70-75%



15 minute AMRAP

200 DU Buy-in

then in remaining time:

Max Reps

Strict Pull-ups


Air Squats

1/2/3, 2/4/6, 3/6/9, 4/8/12, 5/10/15 etc

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