4/27/2020 Monday - CrossFit Soda City, Columbia, SC

January 20, 2021
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CrossFit Soda City At Home for Monday, April 27th

Some interior CFSC renovations started this weekend. Pics coming throughout the process!


CFSC At Home



DB/KB Swings

300m Run


4 Rds

50' Bear Crawl

50' Broad Jump


400m SC sw as needed

Find full info HERE

Got a home gym? Or still have access on base? Check out our regular strength programming for Monday, April 27th here:





Clean & Jerk



- Warm-up for a full Oly session. Warm-up BOTH the Snatch and

C&J with an empty barbell prior to adidng weight for the snatch.

- All reps are singles, first set with weight is your first set of 5

- Deload and hit a few empty bar C&J prior to first set

- Belt as needed

- Ideally you're comfortable to make bigger jumps and end

BOTH lifts somewhere around 80%

- NO FAILS for ANY of the 15 snatches or 15 C&J. Try to remain

tech PERFECT throughout


CFSC “At Home” WOD

(details at link above!)

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