5/4/2020 Monday - CrossFit Soda City, Columbia, SC

January 20, 2021
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Big CrossFit Soda City news! Check it out below!

CrossFit Soda City is approved to reopen!

CrossFit Soda City was approved to reopen by the State Commerce Department over the weekend.

As mentioned in our Members Group and on IG, there are some things still in flux right now, including still finishing up renovations, but we are looking to move forward towards the end of the week.

There will be some changes for the short term, and below are some of the things we are looking at:

• Restricting number of people in facility at a time. We have more than enough space to not alter our regular Session sizes, however, in the best interest of what is going on, this could mean registering for a Session time and having to cap session sizes. Also for the time being, we will continue our "Members Only" policy of NO Drop-ins and NO kids.

• Adding new Session time options for the short term to allow us to spread out access to facility

• Limiting time at CrossFit Soda City. This could mean doors for that Session "open" 5 min prior to start only, Extra Credit will be all "At Home" or outside with no equipment. Our normal 1-hour Sessions will go down to 50 minutes to allow for proper clean-up and sanitation. Once your Session is over, no hanging out in the gym

• No showers. No changing clothes at the gym. Bathrooms are strictly for hand washing and toilet use. That's it. This will be for short term only. Change at work/home/in car.

• Please no excess of personal items in the gym. Place your bag and/or personal belongings on a shelf when you come in, shelves will be sanitized after each session.

• If you are unable to make it in at this time, or are not quite comfortable being back yet, we will continue our "At Home" programming as well as our equipment lease out to you.

• For those that have equipment, and plan to come back in to utilize the facility, we will send you information on how to drop equipment back off around YOUR schedule!

• For the time being, the same procedures will stay in place of washing hands before/after workout, sanitizing all equipment after use, no sharing of equipment, mopping your area after use, etc.

We are finishing up a ton of renovations at this time and will be where we can fully reopen by midweek. We will be looking to run some sort of OUTDOOR Sessions in our field Thursday and then possibly back inside on Friday provided we are ready for that.

There are some new "back end" items as well that will be discussed in person with each Member with us slowly switching over to a new payment system, but this will in no way effect your dues, dates, or anything else.

CrossFit Soda City has worked tirelessly during the last few weeks to improve our Member experience upon your return.

These listed procedures, along with your CFSC Team going above and beyond recommended sanitation guidelines, are some of the ways we have been approved to reopen ahead of many other facilities. Once the State announces more information on how all gyms should operate moving forward, we will adjust as needed with those as well.

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, please do not hesitate to reach out to your CrossFit Soda City Team.


CFSC At Home

12 minute AMRAP

"Reverse Helen"

12 Pull-ups

21 DB/KB Swings

400m Run


1 min FLR

100' OH Plate Carry

Rest as needed


Find full info HERE

Got a home gym? Or still have access on base? Check out our regular strength programming for Monday, May 4th here:


Deadlift 8-6-4-4-2


- Include Back Crawls / Butt Scoots in warm-up

- Include Plank Rolls / Inch Worms in warm-up

- Work up to a starting set of 8 and build from there working up to a HEAVY set of 2, NOT a max

- Belt as needed


CFSC “At Home” WOD

(details at link above!)

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